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The Passing of Marie Baxter
Marie Attebery Baxter, 96, of Granville, Illinois, passed away early in the morning of October 7, 20 ... MORE

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The Family Then and Now website seeks to provide historical information about and links between various family members. Each page presents an individual's personal history data with photographs, stories, and the historical, geographical, and cultural context of their life.

The scope of coverage now going back along several family lines for over 1500 years is centered upon the families and ancestors of the editor (Roger Baxter) and his wife (Janice Moore Baxter).

Among many other family names this currently includes members of: Adams, Attebery, Barlow, Baxter, Bippus, Blaylock, Boyd, Brown, Claypool, Dement, Edwards, Fischel, Fishel, Gass, Haden, Harbison, Hocking, Hoeszel, Husser, Jacke, Kick, Lindenmann, Lingle, Lough, Madden, Merrell, Moore, Nading, Norris, Patterson, Pearson, Robertson, Smith, Urban, Voltz, and Westerman familes. As time is available and interested parties desire it, the scope will be gradually expanded.

If you would like to contribute information or photographs for this collection, or offer corrections to the information displayed here, you may contact the editor.

For more information about this website and its plans for future expansion see About Us.

This photo shows most of the Oscar Attebery Family living at home around 1940. Click on photo to learn more about this photo and the people in it. LEARN MORE

On Nov 21 in Family History:

In 1766 Unicy (unknown) Adams was born.

In 1805 Mathias Hunsinger died.

In 1820 Robert Collin Lough was born.

In 1867 Caloway Waters married Mitilda Cate Hampton.

In 1867 Caloway W. Waters married Mitilda Cate Hampton Waters.

In 1867 Caloway W. Waters married Mitilda Cate Hampton.

In 1867 Mitilda C. Hampton Waters married Caloway Waters.

In 1867 Mitilda Cate Hampton Waters married Caloway Waters.

In 1901 Delilah Rosina Tucker King Hedrick was born.

In 1934 Leota Margarette Moore Gerrish married Corbin John Gerrish.

In 1934 Corbin John Gerrish married Leota Margarette Moore Gerrish.

In 1944 Rodney Alan Baxter was born.

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