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John Roger Baxter

Born: April 01, 1951

Birthplace: Corning Hospital, Corning, Arkansas

Age: ???   Sex: Male

Called: Roger

Father: Johnie Elvin Baxter

Mother: Dorothy Marie Attebery Baxter

Janice Ann Moore Baxter and Roger Baxter
This photo of Roger Baxter and his wife, Janice Ann Moore Baxter, was taken around 1980 while they were living in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Spouse: Janice Ann Moore Baxter

Married: December 29, 1973

at: First Baptist Church, Corning, Arkansas

Janice and Roger Baxter
As they are in 2010, Janice and Roger Baxter shown in their living room in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Photo taken on Janices birthday September 20, 2010.

Resided at:

Corning, Arkansas

Rockford, Illinois

Naylor, Missouri

Bolivar, Missouri

Bryon, Illinois

Success, Arkansas

Greensboro, North Carolina

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Roger Baxter with his dogs
A Christmas season photo showing Roger with his three dogs in their Winston Salem home around 1989.



Printing Manager

Retail Advertising Production Manager

Advertising Production Manager

Advertising/Printing/Publishing Consultant

Website Development Manager/Consultant




Contact Option: Postal

Postal Address: 5778 Brookway Dr., Winston Salem, NC 27105-1429

Editor: Roger Baxter

Editor Email:

Roger Baxter
Roger Baxter's high school graduation portrait taken during the summer of 1968 in Rockford, Illinois.
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Born in Arkansas. Raised in Illinois and Missouri. Educated in Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, and North Carolina. Married in Arkansas. Lived in Arkansas, Illinois, M ... MORE

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A Young Roger Baxter
Roger Baxter dressed in his cowboy outfit about 5 years old in the driveway of the family home on Barton Blvd., in Rockford, Illinois. From the photo files of his uncle Gene Murray.

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