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Peter M. Lough

Born: February 03, 1792

Birthplace: Pendleton County, (West) Virginia

Died: April 26, 1860

Location: Pixley Twp, Clay County, Illinois

Buried at: Wesley Cemetary near Passport, Clay County, Illinois

Age: 68   Sex: Male

Called: Reverend Peter Lough

Father: Rev. George Lough

The Lough Family
Peter and Prudence Lough with sons (standing) Charles, (on Prudence's lap) John, and (on Peter's lap) Nicholas.

Spouse: Prudence Gibson

Married: December 25, 1815

at: Virginia


Robert Collin Lough b1820 d1899

(Temperance was the 4th of 15 known siblings)

Charity Temperance Lough Hocking b1824 d1898

Charles Bryne Lough b1830 d1895

Nicholas Lough b1838 d1877

Laveria Lough Ulm b d

John C. Lough b d

Peter M. Lough, Jr. b1838 d1922

Martha Ann Lough Delzell b d

Mary Lough Ireland b d

George William Lough b d

Prudence Lough Adams b1848 d1877

Juliet Lough Rice b d

Louisa Lough b d

Resided at:

Pendleton County, West Virginia

Edwards County, Illinois (in 1837 with Prudence's parents)

Clay County, Illinois (in 1844)


Methodist Minister

Military Service:

(his father fought in the American Revolutionary War)

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In the early 1800's in the area of Virginia now known as West Virginia there lived a family whose father had been a Revolutionary War soldier. On Christmas Day ... MORE

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Peter Lough was born and reared in Pendleton County, (now West) Virginia, and there in the "Old Dominion" married Prudence Gibson, who was of Scotch-I ... MORE

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