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Dorathy Marie Attebery Baxter

Born: September 05, 1917

Birthplace: Corning, Arkansas

Died: October 07, 2013

Location: Peru, Illinois

Buried at: Eaton Cemetary, Buncomb (Naylor), Missouri

Age: 96   Sex: Female

Called: Marie

Father: William Oscar Attebery

Mother: Luvina Hocking Attebery

Johnie and Marie Baxter
Johnie and Marie Baxter display one of their wedding presents ... after 70 years of marriage! It is a green glass juicer that their family used for many years and she now has on display in her china cabinet.

Spouse: Johnie Elvin Baxter

Married: December 24, 1936

at: Corning, Arkansas


John Roger Baxter b1951 d

(Withheld for Privacy) Baxter b???? d

Roger, Johnie, Janice, and Marie Baxter in 1960.
This photo of Marie Attebery Baxter, her husband, and their two children was taken in 1960 on a hot summer Sunday afternoon at the Buncomb, Missouri farm house home of her parents.

Resided at:

Corning, Arkansas

Naylor, Missouri

Rockford, Illinois

Granville, Illinois

Marie Baxter in 1965
Marie Baxter shown here in 1965 while she was living in Rockford, Illinois. Photo taken by her teenaged son in his attic photo studio.




Editor: Roger Baxter

Editor Email:

Marie Baxter
At the age of 95 Marie Baxter now lives with her daughter in north central Illinois.
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1 - Who Is That New Boy?
Marie Attebery first saw Johnie Baxter, her future husband for nearly 74 years, at the Buncombe School Christmas Play in 1934. The one room school house was loc ... MORE

2 - A Singing School Romance
During the winter of 1934 at the Buncombe Baptist Church an itinerant instructor held a “shaped note singing school” and two handsome young men who were new to ... MORE

Special Features

Unique to Dorathy Marie Attebery Baxter :

The booklet Paths Traveled Before Us provides a narrative telling of all those people going back nearly 400 years that resulted in our family being where we are today. It is now offered here as a PDF file for you to freely read online, or save and even print out your own copy for later reference.

This booklet was originally written in 2006 in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the marriage of the author's parents, Johnie and Marie Baxter. In the process of creating the keepsake book for Johnie and Marie, we learned of our ancestors ... many of which we had not previously known.

This FREE online PDF booklet is being made available online so that other family members and other interested individuals may become more aware of our ancestors and their travels around the world and across the American continent. All of them put together have made us who we are today.

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Additional information, life synopsis, stories, and photographs will be added later as they become available. Would you like to contribute? If so, please contact the webmaster.

Adam and Lora Ossola with Marie Baxter
Here Marie Baxter is shown with her two grandchildren, Adam and Lora Ossola in 1991. She described this period as the best years of her life.

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