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Luvina Hocking Attebery

Born: August 25, 1891

Birthplace: Bone Gap, Illinois

Died: March 23, 1971

Location: Naylor, Missouri

Buried at: Masonic Cemetery, Naylor, Missouri

Age: 79   Sex: Female

Father: Charles Marcelous Hocking

Mother: Eliza Ernestina Lucresta Nading

Luvina and W.O. Attebery
Luvina Hocking Attebery and W.O. Attebery in 1967 sitting on their new recliner beside the front door of their home. Photo taken by Roger Baxter.

Spouse: William Oscar Attebery

Married: November 03, 1911

at: Corning, Arkansas


William Howard Attebery b1912 d1992

Ira Theadore Attebery b1914 d1979

Dorathy Marie Attebery Baxter b1917 d

Luther Roy Attebery b1919 d1997

Clarence Raymond Attebery b1922 d1995

Cecil Oliver Attebery b1924 d1975

Herman Ezekiel Attebery b1927 d2003

Ralph Edward Attebery b1929 d

Doris Ermadean Attebery Murray b1932 d

Mary and Luvina Hocking
A close up taken from an Illinois school group photo taken in 1905 showing Luvina Hocking - on the right - and her younger sister Mary Hocking.

Resided at:

Bone Gap, Illinois

Corning, Arkansas

(Buncomb community near) Naylor, Missouri

Luvina and 2 sisters-in-law
Taken about 1934 this photo shows Luvina Hocking Attebery, on left, sitting on the edge of her front porch beside Maude Attebery Woolsey - her husbands sister, and Maggie Attebery Hocking - her brothers wife and her husbands sister, on the right

Editor: Roger Baxter

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Luvina Hocking Attebery
Luvina Hocking Attebery in 1955 sitting on the sofa in her living room in their house on the family farm in the Buncomb Community about six miles south of Naylor, Missouri. Photo by Gene Murray, the husband of her youngest daughter.
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1 - Luvina Starts a Family of Her Own
Living in Bone Gap, Illinois, Eliza and Charles Marcellus Hocking had nine children in the 18 years between 1877 and 1895. The two youngest were their daughters ... MORE

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The Hocking Family
The whole Hocking family with Luvina Hocking Attebery on the far right of the middle row. From back left to bottom right - Wilbur, Edison, Ira, and Dick, Mary, Loren, and Everett, Luvina, and their parents Charles and Eliza Nading Hocking.

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