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William J. Atterberry

Born: June 21, 1710

Birthplace: St Giles Cripplegate, London, England

Died: , 1766

Location: Loudon County, Virginia

Age: 55   Sex: Male

Father: William Atterbury

Mother: Sarah Rogers Atterbury

Spouse: Sarah Mitchell Atterberry

Married: , 1740

at: Maryland


Michael Atteberry b1744 d1825

William Atterberry b1746 d1794

Charles Atterberry b1747 d1823

Richard Atteberry b1748 d1808

Nathan Atterberry b1750 d1796

John Atterberry b1751 d1810

Edward Atterberry b1753 d1824

Thomas Atterberry b1755 d1840

James Atterberry b1799 d1861

St. Giles Cripplegate, London, England
An artist's depiction of a street scene with the spire of St. Giles Cripplegate Church in the background as it might have appeared around c.1830 London, England. The hospital of St. Giles was located hear beside a major highway into London with a monastery and a chapel as early as 1120.

Resided at:

St. Giles Cripplegate, London, England

Westminister, Middlesex (the western end of present day London), England

Prince Spring Plantation, Prince George County, Maryland

Loudon County, Virginia


Laborer in the parish of St. James in Liberty, Westminister, Middlesex, England

Owner of Prince Spring Plantation (50 acres), Prince George County, MD

Court record from the Old Bailey
Court record from the Old Bailey on February 21, 1733, on page 17, showing the charges brought against William Atterbury - stealing 5 yards of Linsey Woolsey from George Cole- which led to his deportation to America.
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1 - Deported for Theft
William Atterberry (now spelling his name “berry” instead of “bury” as his father did) was a laborer in the parish of St. James in Liberty, Westminister, Middle ... MORE

2 - Until Death Do Us Part
About 1742 (ten years after being deported from London, England, to America as a thief at the age of 22) at the age of 32 William Atterberry married the third g ... MORE

3 - Landed in Annapolis, Maryland
There is evidence that Annapolis was the specific place that William landed in America. In Vol. 6, No. 2 September 1997 edition of the Atterbury Family History ... MORE

4 - Historical Evidence of Milestone Events
From Winter/Mitchell book "Descendants of William Atterbury, 1733 English Immigrant," pub 1984, in limited edition of 150 ... MORE

5 - Notes by Lois Earline (Thomas) Branch
There are many spellings for the name Atterberry. My family uses Attebury, others use Atterbury; Atteberry; Atterberry; Arterbury; Arterberry; Atteberry; Attebo ... MORE

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