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Johnie Elvin Baxter

Born: September 17, 1920

Birthplace: Corning, Arkansas

Died: June 11, 2010

Location: Mark, Illinois

Buried at: Eaton Cemetary, Buncomb (Naylor), Missouri

Age: 89   Sex: Male

Called: Johnie

Father: John Faunzie Baxter

Mother: Katie Jane Adams Baxter

Marie and Johnie Baxter at their 50th Anniversary
Johnie and Marie Baxter at their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration held in Naylor, Missouri, (while they lived there after his retirement) at the Naylor Community Center. It was attended by a whole host of old friends and relatives.

Spouse: Dorathy Marie Atteberry

Married: December 24, 1936

at: near Corning, Arkansas


John Roger Baxter b1951 d

(Withheld for Privacy) Baxter b???? d

Johnie and Marie with an original wedding gift
Johnie and Marie Baxter display one of their original wedding shower gifts - an orange juicer - after over 70 years of marriage. Photo taken at their home in Mark, Illinois, c.2008.

Resided at:

Success, Arkansas

Buncomb (Naylor), Missouri

Corning, Arkansas

Rockford, Illinois

Naylor, Missouri

Rockford, Illinois

Naylor, Missouri

Mark / Granville, Illinois

Richard, Johnie & Carney Baxter, & David Blaylock
On his last trip to California in January 2009 to visit his relatives there, Johnie is shown here with his two remaining brothers and the eldest son of his sister. Shown left to right are brothers Richard, Johnie and Carney Baxter, and David Blaylock, their nephew.




cement contractor

maintenance carpenter

custom home builder & farmer

maintenance carpenter

custom cabinet maker



Editor: Roger Baxter

Editor Email:

Johnie Baxter - The Carpenter
Johnie E. Baxter as he was so often seen - wearing his striped carpenter overalls, a cap on his head, and a friendly smile on his face. Photo taken in Rockford, Illinois c.1973.
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1 - Eulogy
How do you condense nearly 90 years of living into a few words? I can only tell you what I knew of Johnie E. Baxter ... and what I learned from him. Many of you ... MORE

2 - Characteristics of a Man
Johnie Baxter was a kind and thoughtful man. In the years just before both I and my sister left home and went off to college we had a little short legged miniat ... MORE

3 - A Son's Memories of His Father
I, of course, knew Johnie Baxter as his son. When he was concentrating hard at work he would often stick out his tongue just a little bit. I can remember trying ... MORE

4 - Miracles
I am confident there were many miracles in his life. There are probably many that I don't know about, but two I do know ... MORE

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