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David Dempsey Boyd

Born: July 23, 1889

Birthplace: Mound City, Pulaski, Illinois

Died: April 20, 1966

Location: Success, Arkansas

Buried at: Black Cemetery, Clay County, Arkansas

Age: 76   Sex: Male

Father: William Boyd

Mother: Amanda Matson Boyd

David and Inez Boyd
David Boyd and his wife, Inez McClabb Boyd.

Spouse: Inez Cleveland McClabb Boyd


Novell Inez Boyd Moore b1913 d1998

Doyn D. Boyd b1915 d

Terry Boyd b d

Saint Delafield (or Delephele) Boyd b1918 d

Dathel Irene Boyd Webber b1923 d

Hannah Boyd King b d

Peggy (twin) Boyd

Perry (twin) Boyd

David and Inez Boyd
In his retirement years David Boyd enjoyed planting trees and shrubs around his little house in downtown Success, Arkansas, and in the larger yard of his oldest daughter on the Moore farm outside of town.
David Dempsey Boyd
David Boyd served as county road overseer as Clay County Arkansas transitioned from a temporary source of virgin timber for a growing country into a community of family farms in the rich soil of new bottom lands.


Cotton Gin Boiler Operator

Military Service:

Drafted but WWI ended before inducted

Signed up for WWII draft

David D. Boyd
David Dempsey Boyd as a handsome young man.
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Some notes on the life of David Dempsey Boyd - He worked at the old Brosier Stave Mill, but it burned down. He moved to Palatka and worked for Jim Johnson at th ... MORE

2 - Drafted to Serve in World War I
Even though he was already married and had two children, four year old Novell and two year old Doyn, David Boyd missed being one of the over 67 million men requ ... MORE

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Amy and Vida Boyd
Amy and Vida Boyd, sisters of David Boyd.

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