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Charles Agusta Moore

Born: November 07, 1886

Birthplace: Current View, Ripley County, Missouri

Died: June 23, 1976

Location: Community Methodist Hospital, Paragould, Arkansas

Buried at: Pope's Chapel Cemetary, Ripley County, Missouri

Age: 89   Sex: Male

Father: John Marbry Moore

Mother: Malinda Jane Allen Moore

Charles and Georgia Moore on their 50th Anniversar
Charles and Georgia Moore at their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration

Spouse: Georgia Alma Pepper Moore

Married: April 19, 1910

at: Current View, Ripley County, Missouri


Paul Edward Moore b1911 d1977

Truman Marbry Moore b1913 d1984

Leota Margarette Moore Gerrish b1914 d1998

Gerlean Subina Moore Rahm b1916 d2007

Lewis Leslie Moore b1919 d1982

Helen Catherine Moore Lambert b1920 d

Georgia Evota Moore Kick b1922 d

Virgie Ann Moore Newsome b1924 d2000

Charlsie Fay Moore b1927 d1928

Chas Moore
Chas Moore

Resided at:

Current View, Ripley County, Missouri

Success, Clay County, Arkansas

Charlie Moore
Charlie Moore





Southern Baptist

Charles Agusta Moore
Charles Agusta Moore
Georgia and Charles Moore
Georgia and Charles Moore among their flowers in their garden

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