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Harold David Blaylock

Born: September 20, 1940

Birthplace: on a farm near Naylor, Ripley County, Missouri

Age: ???   Sex: Male

Nickname: Dave

Called: David

Father: Richard Harry Blaylock, Sr.

Mother: Cona Wilma Baxter Blaylock

Ina and David Blaylock
Ina and David Blaylock in 1966. Even at 26 years of age he still looks so boyish!

Spouse: Ina Elaine Olson Blaylock


Delaine Denise Blaylock

Heidi Leigh Blaylock

Spouse 2: Martha Hasapis Blaylock


David Leslie Blaylock

Resided at:

Naylor, Missouri

Tucson, Arizona

Rockford, Illinois



Ermadene Attebery and Anna Rae and David Blaylock
Ermadene Attebery and Anna Rae and David Blaylock - taken from an old, crackled family photo. Note the (basketball?) hoop on the side of the building.


U.S. Air Force

Military Service:

U.S. Air Force

David Blaylock
David Blaylock in January 2009 during a visit with three of his uncles (mother's brothers) - Richard, Carney, and Johnie Baxter - when the older two took a trip to California to visit family.
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David Blaylock
David Blaylock riding a bucking bronco at the age of 5 in 1946 (of course the horse was a static statue of a horse and an identical photo of his Uncle Johnie was made on that trip to Arizona).

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