Patterson Adams
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Hester Tora (unknown) Patterson Adams

Born: February 19, 1872

Birthplace: Missouri

Died: April 01, 1963

Location: Ripley County, Missouri

Buried at: Price Cemetery, near Doniphan, Missouri

Age: 91   Sex: Female

Called: Tora

Spouse: John P. Patterson

Married: October 17, 1890


Elsie Patterson b1891 d

Frona Patterson Gibson b1893 d

Spouse 2: John Thomas Adams

Married: , 1896


William Oscar Adams b1898 d

Lillie Belle Adams b1899 d1902

Roy S. Adams b1903 d

Virgil C. Adams b1905 d

Nila I. Adams b1907 d

Nona J. Adams b1909 d

Avon L. Adams b1914 d

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