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A Photograph of a Attebery-Hocking Family Group

This photo shows a relatively small group of Attebery and Hocking family members c.1912 sitting on (probably) the Hocking front porch.

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7 members of the Attebery and Hocking Families

Pictured are (left to right) Eliza Nading Hocking, Charles Marcellous Hocking, (unknown dog), Wilbur Hocking, Mary Hocking, Ezekiel Attebery (seated in the rear), Maggie Attebery Hocking, and her husband Loren Hocking. This may have even been while Maggie and Loren were courting - Ezekiel and his daughter Maggie may have gone to visit the Hocking family on a Sunday afternoon all dressed in their finest just so that pretty young Maggie could spend some time with handsome young Loren.

Notice the large, thick moustaches worn by the two older men.

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