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A Photo of the Attebery-Murray Wedding Reception

This photo shows various members of the combined Attebery-Murray families at the Wedding Reception for Doris Ermadean Attebery Murray and Clayton Eugene Murray.

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the extended FORMAT Family

Note that W.O. Attebery (on the far left) is looking up toward the ceiling. This is probably being done on purpose to avoid the flash of the camera when the picture was taken. When he was a young man coming of age around Carmi, Illinois, he was the star shortstop for the local baseball team and injured his eye while playing ball - before he ever moved to Arkansas/Missouri and began his family. Various treatments performed throughout his life failed to improved his eyesight; eyeglasses did not help; and he had to read the newspaper by holding it so close that it practically touched his nose. He thought that the bright flash from a camera would further damage his eyesight and avoided any photograph that required a flash. Note, also, that his eldest son, Bill (on the far right), is looking upwards as well, probably for the same reason although his eyesight was not impaired.

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