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A Photograph of the Extended Boyd Family

This photo shows the extended David and Inez Boyd family at their 2008 reunion.

Back row standing left to right: Jack Miller (married to Ann), Ann Miller (Dathel's middle child), Beverly Maguire (Del's youngest), Jeff King (Hannah's oldest), Sonjia (Novell's 3rd), Truman Moore (Novell's 4th), Janet Harold-Moore (Truman's wife), Sue Bippus (Novell's 2nd), Suzette Guthrie (Sue's eldest), and Julie Webber-Rush (Paul, Jr's daughter and middle child).

Next row seated in chairs left to right: Gail Webber (Dathel's oldest), Bob King (married to Hannah), Sheila Boyd (Del's middle child), Hannah Boyd-King, Dathel Boyd-Webber, Dema Smith (Novell's eldest), and Mike Rush (Julie's husband).

Next row seated on the floor left to right: Jill Miller-Worley (Ann's daughter), Nick Craccchiolo (married to Christy), Christy King-Cracchiolo (Hannah's youngest child), Jase Worley (Jill's oldest; Ann's first grandchild), Jenny Sue Guthrie (Suzette's youngest), Elizabeth Rush (Julie's oldest, Paul Jr's 2nd grandchild), Jentri Worley (Jill's 2nd child), and Jessie Guthrie (Suzette's eldest daughter).

Front row little ones left to right: Febe Worley (Jill's youngest), Grant Cracchiolo (Christy's youngest), Jake Cracchiolo (Christy's oldest), Cy Worley (Jill's 3rd), and Kennedy Rush (Julie's youngest).

the extended Boyd Family

The Boyd Family Reunion was held in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, on April 5, 2008, at Perkins Restaurant where everyone enjoyed a catfish buffet lunch.

Most everyone in attendance spoke about who they were and how they were related. Among memorable things were the accomplishments of David and Inez's prodigy to life in America. From their humble beginnings in Clay County, Arkansas, generations have gone on to make contributions and earn recognition. A few of those mentioned that day were:

1. Del was decorated for service in WWII and remains eligible for a Purple Heart

2. Steve King (Hannah's 2nd) was awarded a Bronze Star for contributions to Desert Storm

3. Several teachers and coaches - educating multiple generations of kids

4. Farmers - providing food and other crops for consumption

5. Impressive musical talents that continue to bring joy. These include Dema Smith (Novell's eldest), Hannah (Dathel's youngest), Steve King, Christy Cracchiolo (Hannah's youngest), Janice Moore-Baxter (Novell's youngest), Beverly Boyd-Maguire (Del's youngest).

Learn more about the originators of this family: David Dempsey Boyd and Inez Cleveland McClabb Boyd.

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