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The original scope of the Family Then and Now websitge coverage currently goes back over 1500 years for some family lines and is centered upon the extended families and ancestors of the editor (Roger Baxter) and his wife (Janice Moore Baxter).

Among many other family names this currently includes members of: Adams, Attebery, Barlow, Baxter, Bippus, Boyd, Brown, Claypool, Dement, Edwards, Fischel, Fishel, Gass, Haden, Harbison, Hocking, Hoeszel, Husser, Jacke, Lindenmann, Lingle, Lough, Madden, Merrell, Moore, Nading, Norris, Patterson, Pearson, Robertson, Smith, Urban, Voltz, and Westerman familes. As time is available and interested parties desire it, the scope will be gradually expanded.

If you would like to contribute information, stories, or photographs for this collection, or offer corrections to the information displayed here, or volunteer to help on this project you may use the Contact Us online form.


The Family Then and Now website seeks to be more than just another listing of ancestors and descendents. We want to make family history personal and appealing. We want our web site to be full of interesting stories and pictures ... as well as the basic facts. And we want it to be easy to trace and get to know one's ancestors or their descendents.

Here is a listing of what you can find on this website and the various optional places where to find what you are seeking:

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