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The Family Then and Now website seeks to provide historical information about and links between various family members past and present.

Our original scope of coverage, now covering over 1500 years of family history, is centered upon the families and ancestors of the editor (Roger Baxter) and his wife (Janice Moore Baxter). As time is available and interested parties desire it, the scope will be gradually expanded.

If you would like to contribute information or photographs for this collection, or offer corrections to the information displayed here, you may email the editor or use the form on this page.

We always appreciate your input and help on making this project truely interesting as well as helpful to our whole family. Thank you for visiting with us today.

Recent Updates:

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MORE Recent Updates

Index of People Profiled



Alma Katherine Roundtree Adams b1916 d
Avon L. Adams b1914 d
Benjamin Adams b1710 d1756
Bertrand Adams b1914 d1914
Briant Adams b1816 d1863
Bryant Adams b1756 d1839
Bryant B. Adams b1917 d2000
Bryant Bascom Adams b1863 d1900
Calvin Bryant Adams b1891 d1945
Charles Grover Adams b1888 d1962
Charles Novene Adams b1921 d1995
Effie Sarah Adams b1890 d
Elizabeth (unknown) Adams b1690 d1722
Griff Asher Adams b1914 d1982
Henry Adams b1736 d0000
Henry Adams b1786 d1860
James Adams b1730 d1809
Jefferson Ponder Adams b1895 d
Jesse Adams b1753 d1835
Jesse Thomas Adams b1855 d1901
John Thomas Adams b d
Lillie Belle Adams b1899 d1902
Margaret J. Adams b1885 d1963
Margarette A. Adams b d
Mary Hammonds Adams b1795 d1850
Nancy Waters Adams b1869 d
Nancy Agnes Ezell Adams b1709 d1756
Nila I. Adams b1907 d
Nona J. Adams b1909 d
Prudence Lough Adams b1848 d1877
Roy S. Adams b1903 d
Sarah Effie Tramel Adams b1859 d1901
Sarah Effie Trammel Adams b1859 d1901
Thomas Adams b1690 d1752
Unicy (unknown) Adams b1766 d1860
Virgil C. Adams b1905 d
William M. Adams b1882 d1976
William Oscar Adams b1898 d
Bailey Allen b1780 d1852
Charlotte Lacefield Allen b1830 d1904
Daniel Addison Allen b1834 d1892
John Allen b1759 d1832
Robert Allen b1800 d
Geneva Ballard Arnold b d
Dana Suanne Pearson Ashcraft b1974 d
Aaron Thomas Atteberry b1827 d
Charles W. Atteberry b1824 d0000
John Atteberry b1799 d
Maria Funkhouser Atteberry b1838 d1860
Michael Atteberry b1744 d1825
Rebecca Bennett Atteberry b d
Richard Atteberry b1748 d1808
Richard Atteberry b1749 d1807
Sarah Whitsett Atteberry b1836 d
Betty J. Rea Attebery Clark b1929 d2011
Arthur Harshey Attebery b1891 d
Arthur Hocking Attebery b1916 d1993
Arthur Kenneth Attebery b1944 d2007
Cecil Oliver Attebery b1924 d1975
Clarence Raymond Attebery b1922 d1995
Ezekiel Hunsinger Attebery b1849 d1921
Geneva Attebery b1918 d1994
Herman Ezekiel Attebery b1927 d2003
Ira Theadore Attebery b1914 d1979
Luther Roy Attebery b1919 d1997
Luvina Hocking Attebery b1891 d1971
Mary Hocking Attebery b1895 d0000
Mary Frances Attebery b1882 d
Neldia Nadyne Masterson Attebery b1919 d
Peggy Attebery b1942 d2000
Ralph Edward Attebery b1929 d
Sarah J. Green Attebery b1872 d
Sarah Jane Robertson Engle Attebery b1855 d1892
Susan Hunsinger Watkins Attebery b1827 d
William Howard Attebery b1912 d1992
William Oscar Attebery b1886 d1976
Charles Atterberry b1747 d1823
David Atterberry b1781 d1847
Edward Atterberry b1753 d1824
Isaiah Atterberry b1772 d
James Atterberry b1799 d1861
John Atterberry b1751 d1810
Melchizedek Atterberry b1770 d1853
Nathan Atterberry b1750 d1796
Sarah Mitchell Atterberry b1720 d1770
Simeon Atterberry b1778 d1851
Thomas Atterberry b1755 d1840
Thomas Atterberry b1772 d
William Atterberry, III b1710 d1743
William Atterberry b1746 d1794
(Unknown) Atterbury b1480 d
Alice Atterbury b1567 d
Charles Atterbury b1711 d
Elizabeth Perkes Atterbury b1538 d
Jane Atterbury b1708 d
John Atterbury b1513 d1588
Joyce Gumbleton Atterbury b1606 d1678
Lawrence Atterbury b1573 d
Lewis Atterbury b1561 d1631
Margaret Atterbury b1560 d
Mary Harvey Atterbury b1570 d1623
Sarah Atterbury b1712 d
Sarah Rogers Atterbury b1686 d1730
William Atterbury, I b1660 d1751
William Atterbury, II b1685 d1741
William Atterbury b1608 d1660
William Atterbury b1634 d1725
William Atterbury b1709 d1710


Lena Silverthorne Bailey b d
Etta McNabb Ballard b1886 d
Adam Barlow b1730 d1786
Mary Elizabeth Smith (Schmidt) Barlow b1736 d1780
Ann Elizabeth Baxter b1818 d1854
Betty Walls Baxter b d
Carney Roosevelt Baxter b1920 d
Catherine Allison Baxter b1818 d1922
Charles Baxter b1845 d
Charmaine Mays Baxter b d
Cynthia Leigh Watt Baxter b1942 d
David A. Baxter b1840 d
Donald Lee Baxter b1950 d
Dorathy Marie Attebery Baxter b1917 d
Dorothy Griffin Baxter b1918 d2008
Eliza Jane Adams Baxter b1836 d1862
Eliza Jane Dennison Baxter b1843 d1912
Elizabeth (Unknown) Baxter b1627 d1725
Elizabeth Stocks Baxter b1719 d
Elizabeth Unknown Baxter b1821 d
Ellen F. Ford Baxter b1907 d1997
Finley Baxter b1822 d1863
Francis Marion Baxter b1861 d
George W. Baxter b1854 d1905
Henry Hardy Baxter b1848 d1887
James Henry Baxter b1903 d1968
James Riley Baxter b1930 d1987
Janice Ann Moore Baxter b1951 d
Jesse Erwin Baxter b1836 d1902
Jewell Rae Smith Baxter b1926 d
John Faunzie Baxter b1890 d1971
John Roger Baxter b1951 d
Johnie Elvin Baxter b1920 d2010
Joseph Baxter b1748 d1822
Joseph F. Baxter b1804 d
Joshua Baxter b1716 d1786
Lovey Bray Baxter b1808 d1892
Lydia Grace Baxter b1841 d1875
Margaret A. Harbison Baxter b1860 d
Martin Van Buren Baxter b1905 d1988
Marvin Oquin Baxter b1915 d1938
Mary Collington Baxter b1653 d1750
Mary Ferebee Baxter b1750 d1837
Mary Grace Phillips Baxter b1781 d1814
Mary Polly Baxter b1814 d
Minerva Baxter b1839 d
Nathaniel Baxter b1600 d1676
Peter Baxter b1720 d
Peter Baxter b1805 d1850
R.V. Baxter b1930 d1990
Richard Junior Baxter b1932 d
Robert Elmer Baxter b1892 d1981
Rodney Alan Baxter b1944 d
Ruth Harris Baxter b1893 d1911
Sarah Chittum Baxter b1728 d1800
Sarah A. (unknown) Baxter b1811 d1896
Sarah C. Baxter b1808 d1838
Shelby Orrise Baxter b1923 d1989
Sidney J. Baxter b1836 d
Sylvester McRavison Baxter b1844 d1929
Thomas Baxter, Sr. b1646 d1691
Thomas Baxter b1680 d1722
Thomas Baxter b1777 d1821
Todd Alan Baxter b1968 d
Velma Dale Blunt Baxter b1903 d1985
William Baxter b1745 d1776
William Baxter b1828 d1880
William Bray Baxter b1845 d1864
William Caleb Baxter b1843 d1844
William Ferebee Baxter b1803 d1880
William Logan Baxter b1620 d1715
William Walter Baxter b1885 d
Abigail Hampton Beavers b1735 d1803
William Beavers b1720 d1788
Elizabeth Alberta Belk b1885 d1909
Florence Emma Hufstedler Belk b1867 d1886
Herbert Lamon Belk b1899 d1909
Jasper Newton Belk b1859 d1913
Thomas Richard Belk b1891 d1981
William A. Belk b1817 d
William Newton Belk b1893 d1982
Mary (unknown) Benatts b1705 d
Richard Benatts b1705 d
Billy Ray Bennett b d
Carolyn Felice Blaylock Bennett b1945 d
Suzette Janice Bippus Berry Guthrie b1963 d
Todd Berry b1964 d
Tristan Berry b1985 d
Aaron Troy Biggerstaff b1742 d1780
Bailey Bippus b1938 d
Carley Bippus b1990 d
Carolyn Sue Moore Bippus b1938 d
Olivia Bippus b0000 d
Philip Bippus b1965 d
Sharae Bippus b1980 d
William Blalock b d
William David Blalock b1776 d1847
Martha Ream Swearingen Blaylcok b1822 d1885
Cona Wilma Baxter Blaylock b1913 d
Harold David Blaylock b1940 d
Henry Realous Blaylock b1861 d1923
Martha Hasapis Blaylock b d
Martha R. Swarengin Blaylock b1822 d1885
Merritt Blaylock b1814 d1866
Richard Harry Blaylock, Jr. b1954 d
Richard Harry Blaylock b1912 d
Iola Opal Sanders Bogart Thompson Lewis b1908 d1982
Bosgrace b1580 d
Aca Franklin Boyd b1880 d
Amanda Matson Boyd b1863 d1941
Anna Belle Boyd b1884 d1963
David Dempsey Boyd b1890 d1966
Della May Boyd b1882 d1956
Doyn D. Boyd b1915 d
Flora Elizabeth Boyd b1888 d
Hannah Boyd b1791 d
Inez Cleveland McClabb Boyd b1897 d1988
Isabella Douglas Boyd b1811 d1880
John Boyd b1788 d1837
June Haller Boyd b d2004
Katie L. Boyd b1893 d
Mary Boyd b1879 d
Ron Boyd b d
Saint Delifield Boyd b1918 d
Shelia Boyd b d
Terry Boyd b d
William Boyd b1806 d1854
William Boyd b1851 d1911
William Wallace Boyd b1895 d1957
Williama Boyd b1747 d1818
Lawrence Bridger b1558 d1631
Mary Snipes Bridger b1562 d1585
Beatrice McNabb Brown b d
Don Brown b d
Elmo Brown b d
Emily Sloan Brown b1834 d1878
Faye Brown b d
George Brown b d
Gilbert Brown b d
Henry Brown b d
Herman Brown b d
Ida M. Brown b1885 d1891
James William Brown b1835 d1893
John Brown b d
Kenneth Brown b d
Lori Bethany Woolard Brown b1886 d1934
Lute Brown b d
Martha Garner Brown b d
Michael Brown b d
Reuben Aaron Brown b1887 d1952
Sarah Garner Brown b d
William Browning b1725 d
Barbara Hoschinger Bruner b1718 d1775
Henry Bruner b1716 d1768
Joseph Johann Bruner b1678 d1753
Catharina Elisabe Thomas Brunner b1680 d1723
Johann Heinrich Brunner b1652 d1679
Maria Anna Braun Brunner b1653 d1750
Elizabeth Robins Burgess b1624 d1658
Sophia Burgess b1613 d1661
Ursula Painter Burgess b1643 d1700
William Burgess b1622 d1686
Jacob Jansen Buys b1664 d1690
Jacob Jansen Buys b1664 d1690
Marrieta Joris Jacobsen Buys b1669 d1706


Haley Claire Calvert b2001 d
Jackson Connor Calvert b1999 d
Jared John Calvert b1974 d
Lance Edward Calvert b1970 d
Linda Jeanne Humpf Calvert b1949 d
Pamela Sue Hedrick Calvert b1971 d
Samuel Edward Calvert b d
Shannon Leigh Daniels Calvert b1974 d
Tucker Ryan Calvert b2006 d
Wayne Parker Calvert b2004 d
Jackie Lowell Kick Camp b1953 d
Randall Nathan Carter b1961 d
Cornelius Carver b1765 d1830
Richard Cheney / Hockin b1524 d1591
Alice Wooten Cheney b1460 d1534
Humphrey Cheney b1457 d1526
John Cheney b1490 d1545
Margaret Hockin Cheney b1570 d1633
Mary Gyles Cheney b1494 d1568
Mary Gyles Cheney b1494 d1568
Mary Lnu Cheney b1522 d1569
Richard Cheney b1524 d1591
Sir Robert Cheney b1421 d1488
Elizabeth Brudenell Cheyne b1442 d1522
John Cheyne b1421 d1466
Eleanor Nottingham Cheyney b1394 d1468
John Gyles Cheyney b1466 d1543
John Gyles Cheyney b1466 d1543
Lady Anne Lovelace Cheyney b1426 d1476
Margaret Ingleton Cheyney b1467 d1562
Margaret Ingleton Cheyney b1467 d1562
Simon Cheyney b1388 d1455
Allan Harold Christianson b1911 d1995
Theodore Allen Christianson b1952 d1995
James Claypool, Jr. b1664 d1706
James Claypool b1701 d1789
Jane (Unknown) Claypool b d1788
John Claypool, Jr. b1758 d1848
John Claypool b1733 d1823
Rachel Scott Claypool b d1787
Rebecca Osborne Claypool b1759 d1825
Doyne E. Clement b1922 d1998
Helen D. Finney Clement b1924 d1998
Lewis Everett Clement b1895 d1988
Lula M. Clement b1899 d1990
Coath b1615 d
Bennet Cock b1627 d1701
Grace Hocking Cock b1672 d1755
Jane White Cock b1641 d1721
John Cock b1670 d1733
Edna Lee Kelley Coffee b1928 d
Prudence Melissa Hocking Cokley b1861 d1950
Sarah E. Brown Cole b d
John Collington b1631 d
Jack Rex Conway b1952 d
Jonathan Ray Conway b1983 d
Karen May Lindsay Conway b1954 d
Catharine Burton Nourse Cook b1759 d1833
John Esten Cook b1758 d1817
Abraham Cooper, Jr. b1750 d1844
Abraham Cooper b1725 d1779
Alexander Cooper b1565 d
Elizabeth Browning Cooper b1750 d1804
Frances Scott Cooper b1725 d1764
Isles Cooper b1696 d1762
John Cooper b1773 d1832
Rebecca Moffitt McInturf Cooper b1775 d1815
Sampson Cooper b1592 d1660
Samuel Cooper b1647 d1720
Sarah Wilson Cooper b1700 d1797
George Cornish b1540 d1607
Grace Gooding Cornish b1587 d1658
Mary Lawrence Cornish b1560 d1622
Richard Cornish b1578 d1625
Susan Coward b1838 d
Christy King Cracchiolo b d
Benjamin Culpepper b1720 d1771
Elizabeth Lnu Culpepper b1715 d1789
Joseph Culpepper b1698 d1745
Martha Mallory Culpepper b1700 d1764


Lottie Ovene Adams Dawson Dement b1921 d1958
Helen Melita Hillenburg DeBow Christianson b1912 d
(living) Gardner DeBow b d
(living) Nicodemus DeBow b d
Bryant Foster DeBow b1934 d1935
Charles Henry DeBow b d2008
Clarence Arnaud DeBow b1904 d1964
Diane DeBow b1950 d1950
Fey Pauline Froschauer DeBow b1930 d
Harold David DeBow b1930 d
Richard Allen DeBow b1943 d2002
Robert Lee DeBow b1938 d2000
Dewey DeCelis b1927 d1927
Emily Dale DeCelis b1987 d
Hanford H. DeCelis b1933 d
Henry Dewey DeCelis b1902 d1982
Howard Dale DeCelis b1960 d
Kimberly Ann Hill DeCelis b1957 d
Opal Bernice Brown DeCelis b1907 d1993
Roberta Mae Richmond DeCelis b1935 d
John DeCheney II b1125 d1169
John DeCheney III b1146 d1228
John DeCheney IV b1189 d1263
Agnes DeSaye DeCheney b1250 d1280
Alexander DeCheney b1248 d1296
Alice DeMarinot DeCheney b1085 d1129
Joan Nouwell DeCheney b1162 d1236
Joan Nouwell DeCheney b1192 d
Margaret DeCralle DeCheney b1360 d1384
Margaret DePeplesham DeCheney b1323 d1407
Margaret DeShurland DeCheney b1270 d1334
Maud DeWaterville DeCheney b1044 d1094
Robert DeCheney b1305 d1362
Rolf DeCheney b1090 d1129
Sir Richard DeCheney b1353 d1392
Sir William DeCheney b1276 d1334
Sybil DeCheney b1125 d1174
Ralph DeChesney b1044 d1086
Beatrice Gladys (Gwladus Verch) Rhiwallon DeChessney b1040 d1139
Ralf Radulphus DeChessney b1024 d1086
Alexander DeCheyne b1218 d1297
Joan Nouwell DeCheyne b1222 d
Margaret Peplesham DeCralle b1341 d1407
Robert DeCralle b1334 d1367
Symon DeCralle b1317 d
Joan Rowse DePeplesham b1326 d1407
Stephen DePeplesham b1278 d1323
Symon DePeplesham b1270 d1341
Margery DeShurland b1254 d1281
Robert DeShurland b1250 d1328
William DeWaterville b1022 d1085
Martha Ann Lough Delzell b d
Ada Viola Baxter Dement b1886 d1960
Agnes Smith Douglas Dement b1780 d1821
Cader Dement b1777 d1848
Cader Dement b1830 d1918
Cater Daniel Dement b1880 d1940
Eva Wallard Dement b1885 d1985
George Washington Dement b1805 d1856
Howard Gerald Dement b1915 d2006
Lori Dement b1912 d1914
Mart Jane Lingle Dement b1858 d0000
Mary Ann W. Smith Dement b1830 d1884
Mozella Robertson Dement b1882 d0000
Nancy Levina Dement b1811 d1858
Sameul P. Dement b1861 d1882
Joseph C. Dennis b1866 d1937
Lora Mae Silverthorn Dennis b1914 d1991
Sarah Elizabeth White Dennis b1879 d1966
Walter Edward Dennis b1906 d1975
Anna Jackson Dennison b d
Joel Dennison b d
James Donnally b d
Minnie Gould Dorman b1879 d1963
William Douglas b d
Minnie Lee Sanders Dunn b1906 d1958


William Easton b1810 d1865
Ann Forrest Eaton b1814 d1900
Henry M. Eaton b1844 d1900
Lucinda C. Andrews Eaton b1845 d
Margaret M. (unknown) Eaton b1844 d1870
Bertha Almeda Baxter Edwards b1887 d1970
George Ewell Edwards b1919 d2003
Reva Edwards b1911 d1941
Sarah Isabella Downing Edwards b1694 d1783
Thomas Edwards, Jr. b1723 d1791
Thomas Edwards, Sr. b1690 d1781
Walter J. Edwards b1885 d1946
Karen Ann Martin Elkin b1959 d
George Engle b1851 d
Katie Maguire Erby b d
Anne Bridger Essington b1583 d
John Essington b d1618
Alma Adams Eyler b d
George Ezell b1674 d1734
Rebecca Delke Ezell b1679 d1738


Anne Essington Ferebee b1603 d1651
Elizabeth Cooper Ferebee b1728 d1794
John Ferebee b1642 d1715
Joseph Ferebee b1600 d1660
Thomas Ferebee b1682 d1739
William Ferebee b1550 d1614
William Ferebee b1722 d1783
Thomas Ferriby b1505 d1565
Leona Irene Kelley Fink b1922 d2009
Anna M. Finney b1908 d
Clara May Attebery Finney b1885 d
Clinton B. Finney b1920 d1995
John W. Finney b1913 d
John Wiley Finney b1855 d
Lucy Anna Smith Finney b1852 d1893
Thomas Cleveland Finney b1884 d1998
Johann Philip Fischel b1782 d1850
Johannes Fischel b1703 d1786
Lorenz Fischel b0000 d0000
Rachel Eisabeth Muller Fischel b1783 d1855
David Fishel b1806 d1878
Jacob Fishel b1765 d1836
Johann Adam Fishel b1730 d1802
Lydia Clodfelter Fishel b1812 d1892
Polly Cheatham Fishel b d1837
Don Michael Ford b1971 d
Donald Ford b1945 d
Peggy Kick Ford b1945 d
James Forrest b1799 d1861
Prissilla (unknown) Forrest b1816 d
Nancy Isbelle Ivy Frey b1885 d
William Robert Frey b1879 d
Elizabeth Bruner Fulkerson b1753 d1813
Femmetje Buys Fulkerson b1698 d1780
Folkert Volker Fulkerson b1695 d1780
Fulkard Fulkerson b1724 d1807
Maria Bogart Fulkerson b1724 d1812
Philip B. Fulkerson b1753 d1813
Sarah Hunsinger Funkhouser b d
Minnie B. Waters Furlong b1876 d


Teresa Gibson Gann b1959 d
Genettie Gould Gard b1882 d1966
Maggie Belle Harris Garrett Sewell b1899 d1975
Delmer Garrett b1896 d
Nancy Merrell Garrett b d
Henri Garrish b1742 d1806
John C. Garrish b1849 d1924
Ola Webster Garrish b1889 d
Stephen Garrish b1711 d1788
Thomas Fort Garrish b1880 d
Leamon Edward Gatlin b1918 d1988
Sadie Lorene Griffin Gatlin b1919 d2014
Corbin John Gerrish b1913 d1998
Elizabeth Gay Gerrish b1965 d
Harlan P. Gerrish b1818 d1876
James Gerrish b1935 d
James Timothy Gerrish b1967 d
Jon Gerrish b1960 d
Leota Margarette Moore Gerrish b1913 d1998
Lydia Feurt Gerrish b1851 d1940
Thomas Gerrish b1786 d1875
Cecil James Gibson b1936 d
Eugene Leon Gibson b1928 d
Frona Patterson Gibson b1893 d
Jack R. Gibson b1917 d1996
James Marion Gibson b1905 d1983
Pauline Inez Hillenburg Gibson b1909 d1980
Rex Gibson b1893 d1919
(daughter) Clement Glassford b d
Olevia Moore Goin Smith b1884 d1912
Alice Gomeldon Walrod Wingham b d
Alice Gomeldon Walrod Wingham b d
William Gomeldon b d
Edson Gould b1849 d1931
Elmira Jane Hocking Gould b1870 d1958
George H. Gould b1877 d1950
Rachel M. Gould b1871 d1890
Ralph Gould b1867 d1897
Ruann Hocking Gould b1851 d1914
Susan Hunsinger Graves b d
Sherry Dement Greibel b d
Martha S. Waters Grey b1872 d
Ida Belle Rigdon Griffin b1886 d1955
Cicily Joyce Wilcox Gumbleton b d1647
Roger Gumbleton b d
Ben Guthrie b0000 d
Jenny Sue Guthrie b1995 d
Kevin Guthrie b d
Phyllis Brown Guthrie b d


Anthony Haden b1694 d1797
Margaret Douglas Haden b1700 d
Samuel Haden b1649 d
William Haden b1731 d1789
Alsey Levi Hamlett b1952 d1930
Aubrey Glenn Hamlett b1913 d2007
Evaline Rigdon Hamlett b1890 d1925
George Henry Hamlett b1884 d1957
Mary Melvinia Eaton Hamlett b1862 d
Thelma Mae Frey Hamlett b1913 d1990
Charles Hammonds b d1817
Rahab Manning Hammonds b1774 d1827
Henry Hampton, Sr. b1752 d1832
Joseph E. Hampton b1899 d1987
Nancy Bryan Hampton b1793 d1882
Nancy Ann Williams Hampton b1816 d1900
Nancy Jane Hampton b1887 d1920
Rosy B. Hampton b1892 d
Sarah Beavers Hampton b1749 d1931
Sarah Patterson Conyers Hampton b1728 d1765
Thomas Hampton b1728 d1796
William Hampton b1776 d1831
William B. Hampton b1847 d1902
William H. Hampton b1817 d1877
Lilian Mae Sanders Hams Edwards Harris b1903 d1997
Elizabeth Hollingsworth Hanlin b1884 d
Ephraim Moses Hanlin b1881 d
Mary Bess Finney Hanlin b1916 d
Robert Arthur Hanlin b1908 d
Ann Barlow Harbison b1775 d
Elizabeth Bybee Harbison b1798 d
Elizabeth Green Harbison b1836 d1914
John Harbison b1794 d1870
John Jefferson Harbison b1836 d1911
Margaret Griffith Harbison b1736 d1780
Matthew Harbison b1725 d1775
Moses Harbison b1765 d
Moses Harbison b1765 d
Smith Barlow Harbison b1833 d
William Kelley Harbison b1835 d
Isadora Coward Harris Wood b1865 d1940
Arthur Othal Harris b1909 d
Calvin Henry Harris b1902 d1994
Carl Glenn Harris b1905 d1982
Claude Harris b1916 d2002
Doris Yvonne Petty Harris b1930 d1978
Everett Rudy Harris b1911 d1982
George William Harris b1853 d1901
Goldia Edith Baucom Harris b1908 d1975
Helen Carlina Hertlein Harris b1909 d
Ione Francis Albers Harris b1909 d1979
Julia May Gambil Harris b1918 d
Vernon Carl Harris b1923 d
Vesta Beullah Moutrie Harris b1881 d1965
William Thomas Harris b1873 d1942
Stephen Harvey b d
Martha Vandover Hawks b1858 d1936
Melvin Winton Hawks b1848 d
Catherine Hunsinger Hensley b1786 d
Martha Fulkerson Henson Robertson b1832 d
James Edward Henson b1949 d
Reyth Eloise Baxter Henson b1924 d1998
Robert Dewey Henson, Jr. b d1971
Wilbur Lee Henson b1922 d
William Henson b1833 d1863
Elaine Marie Attebery Hernandez b1961 d2011
Donna Mae Kick Hicks b1956 d
Jordan Matthew Hicks b1988 d
Michael Hicks b1953 d
Shane Hicks b1984 d
Iva Pearl Sanders Hill b1893 d1926
Iva Pearl Sanders Hill b1893 d1926
Nicholas Harvey Hillenburg b1858 d1921
Minnie A. Brown Hitt Westfall Tharp Romine b d
Columbus Hitt b1871 d1904
Lawnie Hitt b1901 d1989
Ann Bosgrace Hockin b1610 d
Francis Hockin b1612 d1689
Grace Allen Cheney Hockin b1590 d1656
Margaret Hockin b1570 d1633
Thomas Hockin b1589 d1633
Alice Harry Hocking b1647 d1728
Almira C. Caswell Hocking b1850 d1870
Amy Johns Hocking b1783 d1820
Ann Coath Hocking b1641 d1714
Ansel Ashley Hocking b1865 d1940
Catherine (unknown) Hocking b1671 d1730
Charity Temperance Lough Hocking b1824 d1898
Charles Hocking b1926 d1989
Charles Marcelous Hocking b1856 d1930
Derias Hocking b1863 d1863
Dinah Julyan Hocking b1697 d1750
Edson Cook Hocking b1878 d1945
Edward Hocking b1863 d1946
Eliza Ernestina Lucresta Nading Hocking b1856 d1936
Emma Ashcraft Hocking b1856 d1931
Eva Estella Parker Hocking b1866 d1935
Everett Hocking b1885 d1937
Francis Hocking, II b1637 d1670
Grace Allen Cheney Hocking b1590 d1656
Harriett Dewhirst Hocking b1848 d1942
Henry Hocking b1842 d1856
Ira Hocking b1880 d1950
James Hocking b1726 d1805
James Hocking b1809 d1855
John Hocking b1644 d1706
John Hocking b1809 d1874
John Wesley Hocking b1839 d1875
Lloyd L. Hocking b1929 d2010
Loren Hocking b1890 d1953
Maggie Nole Attebery Hocking b1889 d
Mary Benatts Hocking b1733 d1800
Mary Frances Drury Hocking b1844 d1935
Mary Jane Hocking b1854 d1856
Nellie Remick Hocking b1873 d1945
Nora D. Seabaugh Hocking b d1967
Parley Hocking b1888 d1888
Peter L. Hocking b1845 d1920
Richard Hocking, Jr. b1816 d1871
Richard Hocking, Sr. b1781 d1850
Richard Hocking b1659 d1700
Richard Hocking b1881 d1934
Robert Carroll Hocking b1847 d1920
Thomas Hocking b1695 d1750
Vera Hocking b1924 d1981
Warren Hocking b1843 d1916
Wilbur Hocking b1883 d1946
William Henry Hocking b1817 d1848
William Henry Hocking b1835 d1879
Wilma Hocking b1921 d2002
William J. Hoeszel b1839 d1918
Earline Griffin Hoffman b1915 d2011
Cora Marie Sanders Hooker Reed b1901 d
Andrew William Horne b1935 d1959
Elbert Andrew Horne b1909 d1952
Mary Ona Emily Stephens Horne b1917 d2006
Gilbert Hudson b d
Mollie Rainey Hudson b d
Brent Cameron Hughey b1960 d
Kimberly Jo Twidwell Hughey b1963 d
Kristie Lynn Hughey b1983 d
Alex James Humpf b1986 d2005
Alex James Humpf b1986 d2005
Crystal Louise Gebhart Humpf b1952 d
Jeanne M. Mansell Humpf b1930 d
John E. Humpf, III b1922 d2006
John E. Humpf, IV b1951 d
Max Julian Humpf b1986 d
Adam Hunsinger b1785 d1873
Daniel Hunsinger b1798 d1867
Daniel Hunsinger b1798 d
Elizabeth Hunsinger b1801 d
Elizabeth Shull Hunsinger b1786 d1859
Henry Hunsinger b1838 d
Jacob Hunsinger b1766 d1840
Jacob Hunsinger b1783 d1862
Mary Burkett Hunsinger b d
Mary Gears Hunsinger b1762 d1861
Mary Hunsinger b1796 d
Mary Hunsinger b1827 d
Mathias Hunsinger b1757 d1861
Samuel Hunsinger b1829 d1856
Samuel Hunsinger b d
Sarah Hunsinger b1803 d1884
Mathias Huntzinger b d
Erhard Husser b0000 d0000
Maria Husser b1650 d1690


Lyster Clemens Ingleton b1445 d1467
Robert Ingleton b1429 d1472
Barbara Low Ingold b1775 d1848
Christina Strader Ingold b1753 d1824
Jonathan Ingold b1800 d1844
Mary Ellen Michael Ingold b1802 d1854
Peter Ingold b1752 d1825
Peter Ingold b1775 d1820
James P. Ingram b1800 d1874
Rebecca M. Mansker Ingram b1811 d1888
Mary Lough Ireland b d


Anna Barbara Voltz Jacke b1713 d0000
Johannes Jacke b1600 d1669
Killian Jacke, I b1645 d1724
Killian Jacke, II b1692 d0000
Magdalena Urban Jacke b1650 d0000
Penelope Stout Jewell Merrell Herrin b1700 d1776
Amey Roberts Johns b1744 d1816
George Johns, I b1665 d1741
George Johns, II b1698 d1747
George Johns, III b1747 d1828
Mary Cock Johns b1705 d1748
Mary Eathorn Johns b1670 d1731
William Johns b1645 d
Ida Lee Lane Johnson Blaylock Cox b1885 d1938
Avie Hensley Johnston b1875 d
Jane Elizabeth Ross Johnston b1841 d1876
Lurana Ingram Johnston b1835 d1865
Walter Stidman Johnston b1873 d1964
William Perry Green Johnston b1833 d1896
Mary Belle Baxter Jones b1866 d1949
James Julyan b1676 d1680
Phillepa Hall Julyan b1677 d1720


Charles Eugene Kelley b1916 d1997
Charles H. Kelley b1892 d1973
Pearl June Adams Kelley b1895 d
Ronald G. Kelley b1919 d1984
Bridgette Marie Kick b1984 d
Carmen Vanessa Kick b1979 d
Carol Ann Camp Kick b1951 d
Casey Shane Kick b1978 d
Charles Kevin Kick b1979 d
Cody Dustin Kick b1975 d
Danny Charles Kick b1955 d
Donna Kay Stanley Kick b1960 d
Georgia Evota Moore Kick b d
Heath Brandon Kick b1972 d
James Leo Kick, Jr. b1949 d
James Leo Kick b1923 d1988
James Russell Kick b1981 d
Jeanne Thompson Kick b1949 d
Delilah Rosina Tucker King Hedrick b1901 d1990
Elizabeth King b d
General Howard King b1898 d1926
Hannah Boyd King b d
Lillie Mae Tucker King b1897 d1970
Robert King b d
(daughter) Clement Knapp b d


Edna May Hillenburg Labare b1907 d1943
John Lacefield b1800 d1870
Sally Phelps Lacefield b1799 d
(daughter) Clement Lagle b d
Andrew Masashi Lambert b1979 d
Caroline Marie Lambert b1975 d
Christine Chiharu Lambert b1976 d
Frederick James Lambert b1949 d
George Truman Lambert b1946 d
Helen Catherine Moore Lambert b d
John Stubblefield Lambert b1916 d
John Truman Lambert b1981 d
Kazue Naito Lambert b1945 d1979
Mary Frances Slater Lambert b1950 d
William Roy Lambert b1951 d
Biddy Lewis Lane b1803 d1879
Martha Jane Vandergriff Lane b1858 d1894
Moses Lane b1844 d1923
Randolph Lane b1803 d1879
Brenda Hood Lard Pearson b1958 d
Joan Godisford LeRouse b1280 d1350
Ralph LeRouse b1309 d
Eugenia Gibson Levendaski b1962 d
Patricia Ann Kick Liebhaber b1947 d
Thomas Liebhaber b1946 d
Thomas Benjamin Liebhaber b1971 d
Timothy Brett Liebhaber b1974 d
Nicolaus Lindenmann b0000 d0000
Alan Ray Lindsay b1956 d1962
Alan Shane Lindsay b1969 d
Brian Keith Lindsay b1970 d
David Kenneth Lindsay b1949 d1996
Harry McClellan Lindsay b1930 d1995
Orma Dale Baxter Lindsay b1929 d
Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay b1950 d
Tracy Lynette Baxter Lisse b1964 d
Kate Jane Adams Long Baxter b1889 d1982
Charles Bryne Lough b1830 d1895
George William Lough b d
John C. Lough b d
Louisa Lough b d
Nicholas Lough b1838 d1877
Peter Lough b1792 d1860
Peter M. Lough, Jr. b1838 d1922
Prudence Gibson Lough b1800 d1883
Robert Collin Lough b1820 d1899
Elizabeth Heiress of Eynsham Lovelace b1405 d1460
Richard Lovelace b1393 d1466
Betty Dean Brown Lusk Laughlin b d


John Macanturf b1729 d1779
Maria Rosina Kern Macanturf b1732 d1780
Nevada Gertrude Baxter Madden b1876 d1919
Beverly Boyd Maguire b0000 d
Fanney Mourning Manning b1716 d1754
Martha Culpepper Manning b1745 d1796
Martha Culpepper Manning b1745 d1796
Mikel Manning b1714 d1754
Willoughby Manning b1745 d1806
George N. Mansell b1869 d1952
Louella America Nading Mansell b1851 d1935
Frances Marbrey b d
Tabitha (Unknown) Marbrey b d
Henry T. Martin b1935 d
Jane Gerrish Martin b1937 d
Kenneth Martin b1969 d
Stella Kay Martin b1961 d
Dora Augusta Ward Masterson b1900 d1991
William Arthur Masterson b1898 d1988
Elizabeth Ingold Matson b1830 d
William Matson b1815 d1878
Anna Rae Blaylock Mayo b1936 d
Ronald Lee Mayo b1935 d2008
Agnes Johnston b d
James Rex McClabb b1894 d
John Henry McClabb b1872 d1898
Benjamin Franklin McClain b1876 d1949
Valva McClain b1914 d1920
Anna Merrell McCreary b d
C. McInturff b1753 d1814
Christina (unknown) McInturff b1753 d1824
Susannah Catherine Hocking McKibben b1849 d1922
Elizabeth Merrell McLean b d
Amanda Jane Brown McNabb b1861 d
Cornelea McNabb b1879 d
Dale Fern McNabb b d
Gertie L. McNabb b1891 d1963
Harry Charles McNabb b1853 d
Miltin B. McNabb b1915 d1975
Milton B. McNabb b1915 d1975
Neil McNabb b d
Robert Emery Hawkeye Harry McNabb, Jr. b1880 d1956
Ruth Ann Baxter Meek b1951 d
Zachary Alan Meek b1983 d
Jemiah Smith Merrell Butner b1735 d1803
Abigail Frost Merrell b1781 d1844
Abner Merrell b1782 d
Andrew Merrell, Jr. b1785 d
Andrew Merrell b1752 d
Anna Claypool Merrell b1791 d1831
Azariah Merrell b1777 d1844
Benjamin Merrell b1731 d1771
Benjamin Merrell b1752 d
Benjamin Merrell b d
Charles Merrell b1761 d
Douglas Merrell b1787 d1852
Elijah Merrell b1763 d
Garrett Merrell b d
Garrett Merrell b d
Grace (Unknown) Merrell, Jr. b1676 d1724
John Merrell b1750 d1830
John Merrell b d
John Claypool Merrell b1811 d1867
Jonathan Merrell b d
Penelope Merrell Merrell b d
Philip Merrell b d
Richard Merrell, Jr. b1682 d
Richard Merrell b1642 d1727
Sally Haden Merrell b1758 d1830 (or 1837)
Samuel Merrell b1784 d1803
Sarah Patterson Merrell b1819 d1857
Sarah Wells Merrell b1649 d1772
Thomas Merrell b1732 d
William Merrell, Jr. b1676 d1740
William Merrell b1650 d1723
William Merrell b1729 (or 1730) d
William Merrell b1759 d
Emma Jane Hocking Messenhamer b1812 d
G. Ann Webber Miller b1943 d
Jill Deann Miller b1970 d
Burgess Mitchell b1701 d
Henrietta Mitchell b1713 d
John Mitchell, I b1680 d
John Mitchell, II b1690 d1752
Mary Mitchell b1695 d
Mordecai Mitchell b1703 d
Susanna Burgess Mitchell b1684 d
Martha M. Merrell Moore Morris Spencer b1842 d1911
Betty Hudson Moore b1921 d
Cameron W. Moore b1836 d1864
Charles Agusta Moore b1886 d1976
Charles David Moore b1936 d1936
Charlsie Fay Moore b1927 d1928
Eleanor G. Marbrey Moore b1760 d1851
Georgia Alma Pepper Moore b1892 d1969
Green M. Moore b1803 d
Janet Harold Moore b1945 d
Jerry Boyd Moore b1936 d1937
John Moore, I b d1795
John Moore, II b1761 d1842
John Marbry Moore b1860 d1893
Justin Moore b1977 d
Lewis L. Moore b1943 d
Lewis Leslie Moore b1919 d1982
Mamie Orene McGraw Moore b1913 d1990
Matt Moore b1972 d
Michael Moore b1972 d
Milinda Jane Allen Moore b1861 d1931
Novell Inez Boyd Moore b1913 d
Paul Edward Moore b1911 d1977
Paula Haywood Moore b1972 d
Sarah (Unknown) Moore b d1794
Sarah Cooper Moore b1800 d
Sue Jackson Moore b1944 d
Truman Marbry Moore, Jr. b1945 d
Truman Marbry Moore b1913 d1984
Alice Susannah Hocking Morgan b1865 d1931
Annie Elizabeth Hocking Morgan b1868 d1958
Eleanor Mills Morgan b1792 d1851
Ignatius Morgan b1795 d1868
James Mills Morgan b1828 d1888
Mary Ann Benthall Morgan b1833 d1900
Ike Morley b d
Fred Moutrie b1923 d1980
Wanda Lee DeCelis Moutrie b1930 d
Bertha May Hawks Murray b1891 d1985
Clayton Eugene Murray b d
Doris Ermadean Attebery Murray b1932 d
Elizabeth Newman Murray b1815 d1855
James Murray b1806 d1882
Luther Clayton Murray b1891 d1991
Sarah E. Shaw Murray b1836 d1933
Susan Viola Donnally Murray b1860 d1942
Van Lear Hamilton Murray b1859 d1933
William Clayton Murray b1836 d1889


Susannah Elizabeth Ziegler Nading Snipes b1822 d1898
Anna Schuldt Nading b1687 d1748
Anna Rosina Nading b1793 d1794
Charles Leander Nading b1819 d0000
Christian Nading b1796 d1880
Elisabeth Fischel Nading b1804 d1830
Eva Catherine Volz Nading b1762 d1845
George Nading b1708 d1733
George Nading b1784 d1866
George W. Nading b1854 d1854
Gretchen Opitz Nading b1711 d1760
Herman Nading b1686 d1740
Jacob Nading b1813 d1876
Johannes Nading b1733 d1764
Johannes Nading b1787 d1870
Johannes William Nading b1816 d1892
Joseph Nading b1802 d1833
Joseph Nading b1811 d0000
Katrina Mueller Nading b1735 d1764
Landon C. Nading b1858 d
Lemuel M. Nading b1823 d1854
Mahlon A. Nading b1853 d1886
Martin Nading b1798 d1880
Mary Ann Fishel Nading b1834 d1890
Mary Catharine Sutlive Nading b1792 d1857
Matthaeus Nading b1756 d1807
Matthew Nading b1827 d1865
Rosa Nading b7863 d1865
Sarah A. Nading b1861 d1927
Simon Nading b1790 d1853
Benjamin John Nagels b1983 d
Brian Keith Nagels b1959 d
Megan Marie Nagels b1982 d
Susan Marie Lambert Nagels b1953 d
Maryln Claudine Harris Nelson b1943 d2011
Frances Dorrel Adams Nesbit b1914 d2004
Lacy Paul Nesbit b1915 d1977
Virgie Ann Moore Newsome b1924 d2000
James Dimitr Nick b1884 d1970
Minnie Lee Adams Nick b1886 d1947
Aline Darkes Norris b1920 d
Cleo Clayton Norris b1918 d
Harold Loyd Norris b1923 d1996
Hazel Bernice Norris b1913 d2000
Mary Charlotte Baxter Norris b1896 d1993
Patric Ervie Norris b1888 d1981
Shelby Orris Norris b1915 d
Bendicta Nouwell b1155 d
Geoffrey Nouwell b1146 d


Adam Jacob Ossola b1987 d
Janice Baxter Ossola b1958 d
Lora Ashley Ossola b1990 d
Grace Ellen Miller Owen b1891 d1943
Robert Herman Owen b1914 d1986
Roy Albert Owen b1888 d1969
Ruby W. Finney Owen b1909 d1998


Anna Parke b1677 d1729
Hester Tora (unknown) Patterson Adams b1872 d1963
Elsie Patterson b1891 d
George Patterson b1771 d1848
John Patterson b1798 d1847
Nancy Wood Patterson b1779 d1844
Polly Carver Patterson b1800 d1829
Bruce Hamilton Patton b1944 d
Elizabeth Anne Patton b1982 d
Johnna Pauline Lambert Patton b1945 d
Don Pearson b1941 d
Don Jerry Pearson b1969 d
Sonjia Kay Moore Pearson b1941 d
Albert Reardon Pepper b1824 d1875
Annie Mryl Pepper b1894 d
Catharine Reardon Pepper b1799 d1860
Charles Norvin Pepper b1888 d1970
Charlotte Johnston Pepper b1826 d1884
Christina Magdelena (unknown) Pepper b1746 d
Earl Bruce Pepper b1895 d1978
Elizabeth Isaac Pepper b d
George Edward Pepper b1856 d1900
Henry Pepper, Sr. b1768 d1843
Irmer Mae Pepper b1890 d
James Boyd Pepper b1897 d
James LeVar Pepper b1917 d2004
Jeanne Jones Pepper b1921 d2007
Jeanne Jones Pepper b1921 d2007
John Pepper b1798 d
Mary Ann Knowles Pepper b d
Mary Francis Morgan Pepper b1869 d1933
Susannah Pepper b1825 d1861
1899 b dABAN
Robert Dewey Peterson Henson b1944 d
Christina Magdalena (unknown) Pfeffer b d
Ferdinand Pfeffer b1710 d
Johannes Pfeffer b1742 d
Cora Lisa Hocking Phelps b1873 d1902
Mary Elizabeth Biggerstaff Phelps b1774 d
Nancy Nail Phelps b1736 d1789
Nicholas Phelps b1759 d1840
William Q. Phelps, Jr. b1733 d1814
James Phillips b d
Pernicia Jane Lewis Powell Johnston Ingram Groves b d
Mary Hocking Putnam b1815 d1850


Adolph Rahm b1848 d1928
Allison Paige Rahm b1972 d
Charlotte Kay Leonard Rahm b1949 d
Farrah Megan Rahm b1977 d
Gerlean Subina Moore Rahm b1916 d2007
Ronnie Lee Rahm b1946 d
Rosea Trease Rahm b1881 d1970
Tell Rahm b1915 d1974
Thomas W. Rahm b1879 d1970
William Tell Rahm, Jr. b1943 d
Dorothy Atterbury Randolph b1606 d1698
John Randolph b1619 d1680
Clarence Ray b d
Lottie Ray b d
James Reardon b1802 d1885
Patrick Reardon, Jr. b d
Patrick Reardon b1761 d1830
Lowell A. Reburn b1808 d1953
Virginia Lee Pepper Reed b d
Lydia S. Nading Reever b1865 d1942
Mary Ann Gibson Remijan b1657 d
Juliet Lough Rice b d
Cephronia Woodard Rigdon b1868 d1943
Elisha Thomas Rigdon b1853 d1920
Irene Virginia Adams Rigdon b1926 d
Navada Jane Baxter Riles Newton b1859 d
John E. Riles b1880 d1956
Nettie E. Carpenter Riles b1884 d0000
William C. Riles b d
Elizabeth Thomas Roberts b1693 d
Joseph Roberts b1692 d
Prudence Matthew Roberts b1724 d1791
Thomas Roberts b1722 d1781
Adam Robertson b0000 d0000
Elizabeth Robertson b1820 d
James Robertson b1751 d1799
James Fulkerson Robertson b1806 d1875
Janey Fulkerson Robertson b1779 d1845
Louisa Gray Robertson b0000 d0000
Permillia Robertson b1816 d
Phillip Robertson b1802 d1845
Samuel Robertson b1777 d1845
Sarah MacLin Robertson b1755 d
Edward Robins b1602 d1641
Jane Cornish Robins b1603 d1674
Lillian Ruby Harris Rogers b1919 d
Orphus Rogers b1919 d
Martha Lovina Hocking Root b1858 d1923


Pearl Mae Belk Salmon b1895 d1964
Alfred Lowell Sanders b1896 d
Charles Lemuel Sanders b1909 d1987
Dewey William Sanders b1898 d1987
Jesse James Sanders b1894 d1895
Monroe Grant Sanders b d1947
Hettie Belle Adams Saunders b d
Philip Peter Scholl b1716 d
James Everett Sewell b1908 d1970
Nancy Jane Belk Sheer Grisham Harris b1889 d
Ferrell Shelton b1968 d
Katherine Elizabeth Shelton b1995 d
Monica Moore Shelton b1968 d
Candace Marlene Sheppard b1977 d
Darryell Mark Sheppard b1950 d
Larissa Ann Sheppard b1974 d
Mark Joseph Aaron Sheppard b1982 d
Kathy Lee Lindsay Sheppeard b1951 d
Camille Renee Moutrie Short b1960 d
Robert Allen Short b1962 d
Sydney Lee Short b1993 d
Peter Shull b1761 d1834
Anna Genoa Callicott Silverthorn b1871 d
Cecil Ray Silverthorn b1918 d1969
Ivan John Silverthorn b1818 d1896
Martha Laningham Silverthorn b1838 d
Rebecca Bryson Silverthorn b1825 d
William Keith Silverthorn b1871 d1947
Susan Myrtle Attebery Silverthorne b1881 d
Alrien Smith b1947 d
Andrew Smith, I b1680 d1767
Andrew Smith, II b1710 d1784
Anna Magdalene Thomas Smith b1715 d
Charlotte Kegley Smith b1953 d
Christy Leigh Smith b1982 d
Dema Faye Moore Smith b1934 d
Elizabeth Michelle Smith b1978 d
Essie G. Yates Smith b1896 d1982
Guy G. Smith b1894 d1975
Guy Harold Smith b1931 d1973
Guy Michael Smith b1951 d
Jason Smith b1983 d
Jason Derick Smith b1976 d
John Michael Smith, Jr. b1712 d
Lou Ann Little Smith b1959 d
Mark Truman Smith b1957 d
Matt Smith b1989 d
Michael Smith b1977 d
Mona Clark Smith b1957 d
Nancy Elizabeth Kick Smith b1951 d
Sarah Stout Smith b1687 d
Peter Stader b1768 d1811
Emily Frances Bailey Stephens Baxter b d
Ambers Edgar Stephens b1896 d1960
Charles Joshua Stephens b1892 d1959
Jim Stephens b1912 d
Linn Stephens b1923 d2001
Mary Roberta Black Stephens b1895 d1991
Vernon Stephens b1915 d1986
William Jasper Stephens, III b1888 d1958
William Jasper Stephens, Jr. b1867 d1933
William Jasper Stephens, Sr. b1839 d1904
Alma Lee Gibson Stiff b1929 d
Alexander Stocks b1826 d1879
James Stout b1648 d
Casper Strader b1705 d1778
Margaret Uhrmeister Strader b1708 d1785
Mary Ann Baxter Strader b d
Johannes Conrad Stratter b1729 d1808
Edward O. Stricklan b1881 d1960
James William Stricklan b1843 d
Sarah Elizabeth Baxter Stricklan b1857 d
(unknown male) Swearingen b d
John Swearingen b d1807


Alexander Thomas b1615 d
Anna Margaretha Thomas b1656 d
Christian Thomas b1655 d1708
Hettie Bell Tucker Thomason b1899 d1972
Charity Rosina Adams Tramel Hampton Brown b1860 d1926
Bea Ella Tramel b1880 d1953
Charity Rosina Adams Tramel Hampton Smith b1859 d1926
Francis Marion Tramel b1857 d1918
Leona May Tramel b1877 d1967
Margaret Brown Trammel b0000 d0000
William Trammel b0000 d0000
Joseph William Tucker b1872 d1944
Harold Paul Twidwell b1937 d
Sharry Kay Twidwell b1971 d
Tracy Lee Twidwell b1967 d
Vera Jean DeCelis Twidwell b1939 d


Laveria Lough Ulm b d
Georg Urban b0000 d0000


Mary Hunsinger Vaught b1796 d
Gwendolyn Kay Lindsay Vicars b1971 d
Cassie Lee Riles Vines b1918 d
Anna VanClieft Volkertszen b1674 d1717
Phillip Volkertszen b1670 d1740
Andreas Voltz b1751 d1751
Catharina Barbara Jacke Voltz b1731 d
Eva Elizabeth Jacke Voltz b1724 d1784
Eva Elizabetha Gass Voltz b0000 d0000
Hans Voltz b1635 d
Hans Jacob Voltz b1691 d1745
Johann Georg Voltz b d
Johann Martin Voltz b1661 d1699
Johann Peter Voltz b1726 d1806
Johann Peter Voltz b1749 d1749
Johann Stephen Voltz b1747 d1747
Maria (unknown) Voltz b1640 d1660
Maria Magdalena Lindenmann Voltz b1640 d
Lovina Gould Voyles b1873 d1893


Belva Walls b1885 d1957
Chester Ray Walls b d1992
Hassie Loraine Walls b1920 d1977
Iva Louise Daaughtery Walls b1919 d2011
Luther E. Walls b1918 d4979
Sylvester Walls b d
Sylvester V. Walls, Jr. b1913 d1988
Michael Joseph Wasser b1961 d
Callie Waters b1884 d
Caloway Waters b1842 d0000
Cassie Mathews Waters b d
Cora Waters b1878 d
Jasper Waters b1886 d
John C. Waters b1879 d
Mitilda C. Hampton Waters b1847 d
Sam Waters b d
William H. Waters b1975 d
Mary Elizabeth Watkins b1846 d
Stephen Watkins b1826 d1846
Maxine Stephens Weatherford b1930 d
Dathel Irene Boyd Webber b1923 d
Gail M. Webber b1941 d
Jennifer Webber b d
John Paul Webber b1966 d
Julie Ann Webber b1970 d
Keith Boyd Webber b1961 d1961
Keith David Webber b1968 d
Kim Webber b d
Paul Webber b d
Paul Alfred Webber, Jr. b1944 d1998
Paul David Webber b1977 d
William Hayes Webber b1982 d
Charles Westerman b1830 d
Edward Westerman b d
Elizabeth Harbison Westerman b1831 d
Jenny Belle (Thomas) Wheetley b d
Catherine Edwards Williams b1751 d1823
Elizabeth Hunsinger Williams b d
James C. Williams b1847 d
John Williams b d1872
Joseph Williams, Jr. b1781 d1846
Joseph Williams, Sr. b1742 d1830
Joseph Williams b1868 d1890
Margaret Jones Eaton Williams b1692 d1797
Mary Attebery Williams b d
Nancy Catherine Atteberry Williams b1851 d1916
Richard Williams b1692 d1797
Sarah Berry Williams b1785 d1846
Casnar Wledig b0500 d
Beth Lorraine Moutrie Wood b1957 d
Leslie Erin Wood b1993 d
Paul Hardin Wood b1955 d
Francis Frank Woods b1761 d1831
James Woods b1750 d1793
James M. Woods b1785 d1858
Jane Watts Woods b1756 d1835
Mariah Cook Woods b1784 d1853
Simeon Woods b1825 d1881
Maude Engle Woolsey b1877 d
Joan Corbie Wootan b1434 d
Nicholas Wootan b1434 d1781
Janet Lynn DeCelis Wright b1956 d
Jeremy Wade Wright b1977 d
Justin Lee Wright b1979 d
Tata Danielle Wright b1983 d
Thomas Marion Wright b1954 d


Dorothy Ann Henson Yarbrough b1947 d
Lisa Ann Yarbrough b1979 d

ap (Welsh for 'son of')

Idwal ap Anarawd b0833 d0942
Bywyr Lew ap Bywdeg b0630 d
Gwineu Deufreuddwyd ap Bywyr b0670 d
Hywel Dda ap Cadell b0887 d0950
Cadwr ap Cadwr b0857 d
Corf ap Caenog b d
Gwrydr ap Caradog b0894 d0962
Llary ap Casner b0530 d
Lles Lawddeog ap Ceidio b0880 d
Ceidio ap Corf b0830 d
Rhiwallon (Prince of Powys) Ap Cynfyn b1025 d1069
Gwerystan (King of Powys) Ap Gwaithfoed b0950 d1005
Cynfyn (Lord King of Powys) Ap Gwerystan b0978 d1023
Teon ap Gwineu b0700 d
Gwaithfoed (Lord of Powys & Cardigan) ap Gwrydr b0924 d1038
Llywarch ap Hyfaidd of Dyfed b0867 d0904
Cadwr Wenwyn ap Idnerth b0830 d
Iago ap Idwal b0908 d
Idnerth ap Iorwerth b0802 d
Cynog Mawr ap Iowerth b0780 d
Rhun Rhudd Baladr ap Llary b0570 d
Caradog ap Lles b0880 d
Rhodri Mawr ap Merfyn b0789 d0878
Meredydd ap Owain b0938 d0999
Cadell ap Rhodri b0861 d0909
Bywdeg ap Rhun b0600 d
Caenog ap Tegonwy b d
Iowerth Hirflawdd ap Tegonwy b0760 d
Tegonwy ap Teon b0734 d
Lluddica ap Tudur Trefor b0930 d1037
Tudur Trefor ap Ynyr b0903 d0948

of (for 'son or daughter of')

Rheingar of Deheubarth b0865 d

verch (Welsh for 'daughter of')

Nest verch Cadell b d
Mereddon verch Cadwr b0887 d
Angharad verch Hywel b0907 d
Angharad verch Iago b0948 d
Asritha Ladey verch Llandilo b d1038
Elen verch Llywarch b0893 d0943
Queen Angharad II verch Maredudd b0982 d1072
Angharad verch Meurig b0825 d

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