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The Family Then and Now website seeks to provide historical information about and links between various family members past and present.

Our original scope of coverage, now covering over 1500 years of family history (depending on the ancestral line followed), is centered upon the families and ancestors of the editor (Roger Baxter) and his wife (Janice Moore Baxter). As time is available and interested parties desire it, the scope is being gradually expanded.

If you would like to contribute information or photographs for this collection, or offer corrections to the information displayed here, you may use the Contact Us form.

We always appreciate your input and help on making this project truely interesting as well as helpful to our whole family. Thank you for visiting with us today.

List of Most Recent Updated Pages

  1. Info on Garrett Merrell
  2. Info on Garrett Merrell
  3. Info on Benjamin Merrell
  4. Info on William Eaton
  5. Info on William Walter Baxter

  6. Story about William Walter Baxter
  7. Info on Hettie Belle Adams Sanders
  8. Info on Ambrose Edgar Stephens
  9. Info on Susan Myrtle Attebery Silverthorne
  10. Info on Edson Cook Hocking

  11. Info on Robert Elmer Baxter
  12. Photo of R.V. Baxter
  13. Info on James Rex McClabb
  14. Photo of James Rex McClabb
  15. Info on Rodney Alan Baxter

  16. Info on Janet Ruth Harold Moore
  17. Info on Ruth Ann Baxter Meek
  18. Photo of Carney Roosevelt Baxter
  19. Info on Leamon Edward Gatlin
  20. Photo of Sadie Lorene Griffin Gatlin

  21. Info on Ida Belle Rigdon Griffin
  22. Story about Sadie Lorene Griffin Gatlin
  23. Info on Sadie Lorene Griffin Gatlin
  24. Info on Earline Griffin Hoffman
  25. Story about Earline Griffin Hoffman

  26. Photo of Earline Griffin Hoffman
  27. Info on Claude Herman Harris
  28. Story about Dorothy Griffin Baxter Harris
  29. Info on Dorothy Griffin Baxter Harris
  30. Photo of Dorothy Griffin Baxter Harris

  31. Info on Arthur Hocking Attebery
  32. Photo of Arthur Hocking Attebery
  33. Photo of William Howard Attebery
  34. Photo of Martin Van Buren Baxter
  35. Photo of Ellen F. Ford Baxter

  36. Info on Guy Michael Smith
  37. Photo of (Unknown) Baxter Atterbury
  38. Info on James Marion Gibson
  39. Photo of Clayton Eugene Murray
  40. Photo of Cecil James Gibson

  41. Info on Aaron Troy Biggerstaff
  42. Story about Aaron Troy Biggerstaff
  43. Photo of Mamie Orene McGraw Moore
  44. Photo of David Dempsey Boyd
  45. Photo of Lowell A. Reburn

  46. Info on Lowell A. Reburn
  47. Info on Olevia Moore Goin Smith
  48. Photo of Olevia Moore Goin Smith
  49. Info on Milinda Jane Allen Moore
  50. Photo of Milinda Jane Allen Moore

  51. Photo of Charlsie Fay Moore
  52. Story about Dorathy Marie Attebery Baxter
  53. Info on Mary Francis Morgan Pepper
  54. Photo of Mary Francis Morgan Pepper
  55. Info on Betty Jean Rea Attebery Clark

  56. Info on Clarence Ray
  57. Info on Lottie Ray
  58. Photo of William Tell Rahm, Sr.
  59. Info on Ronnie Lee Rahm
  60. Info on Adolph Rahm

  61. Info on William Tell Rahm, Jr.
  62. Photo of William Tell Rahm, Jr.
  63. Info on Truman Marbry Moore, Jr.
  64. Info on Dorathy Marie Attebery Baxter
  65. Info on Richard Harry Blaylock

  66. Info on Charles David Moore
  67. Info on Jerry Boyd Moore
  68. Info on William Tell Rahm, Sr.
  69. Info on Rosea Trease Rahm
  70. Info on Thomas W. Rahm

  71. Info on Lewis Leslie Moore
  72. Info on Lewis Leslie Moore, Jr.
  73. Info on Betty Hudson Moore
  74. Info on Gilbert Hudson
  75. Info on Mollie Rainey Hudson

  76. Info on Doyn D. Boyd
  77. Info on Arthur Kenneth Attebery
  78. Story about Arthur Kenneth Attebery
  79. Story about Arthur Hocking Attebery
  80. Info on Edna Lee Kelley Coffee

  81. Info on Leona Irene Kelley Fink
  82. Info on Charles Eugene Kelley
  83. Info on Ronald G. Kelley
  84. Info on Charles H. Kelley
  85. Info on Pearl June Adams Kelley

  86. Info on Howard Gerald Dement
  87. Info on Ada Viola Baxter Dement Gramling
  88. Story about Kate Jane Adams Long Baxter
  89. Info on Kate Jane Adams Long Baxter
  90. Photo of Kate Jane Adams Long Baxter

  91. Info on Helen Melita Hillenburg DeBow Christianson
  92. Info on Clarence Arnaud DeBow
  93. Info on Charles Henry DeBow
  94. Info on Calvin Bryant Adams
  95. Info on Doris Ermadean Attebery Murray

  96. Photo of Doris Ermadean Attebery Murray
  97. Story about Adam Jacob Ossola
  98. Info on Hannah Boyd King
  99. Info on June Haller Boyd
  100. Photo of Ron Boyd

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