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The Life and Times of
Agnes DeSaye DeCheney

This Time Line of the life and times of Agnes DeSaye DeCheney is designed to include Her primary personal and immediate family member life events (shown below in red) along with the context of universal cultural, social, political, military, economic, and health events of those times plus the concurrent technological innovations that may have impacted the lives of Agnes DeSaye DeCheney and Her immediate family members during Her lifetime. It is hoped that reviewing Her known personal life events within the context of these other various contemporary influences upon Her life will help you better understand and appreciate life and times of Agnes DeSaye DeCheney.

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Agnes DeSaye DeCheney born during January 1250



Pope Blessed Gregory X


Her son, Sir William DeCheney, born during 1276

Pope Blessed Innocent V



Agnes DeSaye DeCheney died on August 10, 1280



Pope St. Celestine V


Founding of Pure Land, Nichiren, and Zen sects in Japan

Her child, Sir William DeCheney, married Margaret DeShurland during 1303

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