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The Life and Times of
Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay

This Time Line of the life and times of Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay is designed to include Her primary personal and immediate family member life events (shown below in red) along with the context of universal cultural, social, political, military, economic, and health events of those times plus the concurrent technological innovations that may have impacted the lives of Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay and Her immediate family members during Her lifetime. It is hoped that reviewing Her known personal life events within the context of these other various contemporary influences upon Her life will help you better understand and appreciate life and times of Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay.

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1945 - 1949 Chinese Civil War

Dr. Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen, former member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, sentenced to life in prison at Nuremberg for his role at Buchenwald.

Due to the severity of the war crimes committed by IG Farben during World War II, after the war it was split into several smaller companies which then recombined themselves into Agfa, BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst - with several convicted war criminals running those companies.

Fourth Inauguration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1945

Japan surrenders twice, followed by US bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki and a third and final unconditional surrender September 2, 1945.

Postwar nitrate supplies designated to be added to food chain as fertilizer.

The German Surrender Documents of World War II May 8, 1945

The Japanese Surrender Documents of World War II Sept. 12, 1945

1946 - 1954 First Indochina War

1947 - 1949 First Kashmir War between India and Pakistan

Betty Crocker's cake mix introduced

The Truman Doctrine Mar. 12, 1947

1948 - 1949 First Arab-Israeli War

1948 Gandhi is assassinated

Frozen french fries & ready-to-spread frostings introduced

The North Atlantic Treaty Apr. 4, 1949

Her husband, David Kenneth Lindsay, born on February 08, 1949

1949 Mao Tse Tung declares the Communist People's Republic of China

Inauguration of President Harry S. Truman 1949

Instant pudding & seedless watermelon introduced



Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay born on January 12, 1950

1950 - 1953 Korean War (UN-led coalition Vs. North Korea)

Frozen pizza & American Tex-Mex introduced

Start of Chinese Communist attack on Buddhism


1952 Elizabeth II becomes Queen of England

AAA distributes 40 million state, regional, and city maps to its members in 1952

Diet soda & Duncan Hines cake mixes introduced

Formation of World Fellowship of Buddhists


First Inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953

TV Dinners introduced


Ranch dressing & Broasted chicken introduced


1956 Suez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)

Interstate Highway Act of 1956 funds a new era of highway construction


Second Inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1957

Tang & Pam introduced


Rice-A-Roni & instant ramen noodles introduced



Brown rice in USA introduced


Inauguration of President John F. Kennedy 1961


1962 - 1963 Sino-Indian War

Instant mashed potatoes introduced


1963 Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of South Vietnam, is assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr's I Have A Dream Speech Aug. 28, 1963

President Kennedy is assassinated


1964 - 1973 Vietnam War between US-led coalition including government of South Vietnam and coalition including Viet Cong and North Vietnam

Buffalo Wings & Pop Tarts & fast food chicken sandwiches introduced


1965 Second Kashmir War (Second Indo-Pakistani War)

Gatorade & Slurpees introduced

Inauguration of President Lyndon B. Johnson 1965

State Department White Paper on Vietnam Feb. 27, 1965


Sharon Ann Riffe Lindsay married David Kenneth Lindsay on September 02, 1967

1967 Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War)

High fructose corn syrup introduced


Treaty on the Non


Her son, Alan Shane Lindsay, born on April 03, 1969

1969 Football War between Honduras and El Salvador.

1969 Ho Chi Minh dies in Hanoi

First Inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon 1969



Her son, Brian Keith Lindsay, born during August 1970


Her daughter, Gwendolyn Kay Lindsay Vicars, born on September 27, 1971

1971 Bangladesh War of Independence (Third Indo-Pakistani War)


More than 250 million road maps printed for just the oil companies to distribute in 1972


1973 Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War)

Arab oil embargo of 1973 tightens profits for oil companies and free road maps become less available

Second Inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon 1973

The War Powers Resolution Nov. 7, 1973


1974 - 1991 Ethiopian Civil War

AAA distributes 180 million maps in 1974

Self-service gas stations begin appearing in 1974 and by 1984 replace most full service tations and eliminates free road maps


1975 - 1991 Lebanese Civil War

1975 Margaret Thatcher becomes British Prime Minister


Inauguration of President Jimmy Carter 1977


Pope John Paul


1979 - 1989 Soviet-Afghan War



1980 - 1988 Iran-Iraq War


First Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan 1981

Yukon gold potatoes introduced


1982 Falklands War between United Kingdom and Argentina


Second Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan 1985


1989 - 1990 Operation Just Cause, United States invades Panama

Inauguration of President George H. W. Bush 1989



1991 - 1995 Croatian War of Independence

1991 Gulf War between Iraq and UN-led coalition

1991 Slovene War of Independence

The Civil Rights Act of 1991


1992 - 1995 Bosnian Civil War


First Inauguration of President William J. Clinton 1993


1994 - 1996 First Chechen War


Her husband, David Kenneth Lindsay, died on December 03, 1996


Second Inauguration of President William J. Clinton 1997


1998 - 1999 Kosovo War (NATO Vs. Yugoslavia)

Grape tomatoes introduced


1999 Second Chechen War



2001 Invasion of Afghanistan

Address of President Bush on the start of strikes against Al Qaeda and the Taliban October 7, 2001

First Inauguration of President George W. Bush 2001

Terrorist Bombing of the World Trade Towers in NYC September 11, 2001


2003 Invasion of Iraq


Second Inauguration of President George W. Bush 2005


Inauguration of President Barack H. Obama 2009

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